Templates are React components that you can directly edit to add or change a given route's (e.g., page, product, collection...) structure and layout.

Each template has access to a renderSections prop which is a function that will render all the dynamic sections added in the Customizer or Pack Admin for that template.

Available Types

All the templates you may need will be already present in the /templates directory.

  • Home — renders on / home page visits
  • Page — renders on /pages/:handle visits
  • Blog — renders on /blogs/:handle visits
  • Article — renders on /articles/:handle visits
  • Product — renders on /products/:handle visits
  • Collection — renders on /collections/:handle visits
  • Account — renders on /account/:subroute visits
  • 404 — renders on invalid-routes visits

You can learn more about each template in our Managing Templates guide.

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