The Customizer is Pack's visual editor for your storefront that makes teamwork a breeze for both devs and content creators.

Managing Content

In Customizer, you can manage content on your pages in the form of sections. You can create flexible and reusable content across pages by linking sections and leveraging section templates.

Learn how to manage your content here.

Storefront Preview URLs

Switch between preview URLs to view and make changes specific to any previews, whether you’re looking at new sections or tweaks to a layout. Add or remove custom URLs to fit your team's workflow.

Learn more about preview URLs by checking out this guide.

Storefront Settings

Site Settings is the hub for adjusting your storefront’s main features like headers, footers, and cart settings. It’s fully customizable, letting you add or remove settings as needed.

You can quickly access Site Settings from the right utility bar in the Customizer.

To learn more about how to use site settings, check out our guide here.

Content Environments

The Customizer allows you to switch between content environments to make it easier for your team to manage and maintain isolated instances of your storefront. This will allow you to visually test and edit content with a simple switch of a toggle.

To learn more about content environments, check out our guide here.

Content Scheduling

You can schedule pages and site settings in the Customizer to be published at a later date. This feature ensures your storefront updates exactly when you need it to, without having to manually publish pages.

Learn more about scheduling content here.

Media Manager

The Media Manager in Pack streamlines the process of managing your storefront's media. Easily upload, edit, and delete images directly from the Customizer.

Edits—including changes to alt text—synchronize instantly with Shopify, ensuring consistent media management across platforms.

You can access Media Manager from the right utility bar in the Customizer.

Explore the capabilities of the Media Manager in more detail here.

The Customizer enables you to share content drafts through a shareable preview link. This allows you to share unpublished work for your team's feedback or approval.

You can share a preview link with anyone by clicking the share button in the Customizer's toolbar.


Managing Sections

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Managing Preview URLs

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Storefront Settings

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Content Environments

Learn how to manage content environments in the Customizer.

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Scheduling Content

Learn how to schedule content in the Customizer.

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Managing Media

Learn how to manage media in the Customizer.

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