Pricing FAQ

Which Pack plan is right for me?

  • Free is great for testing out Hydrogen and/or to use for individuals and hobbyists working on smaller projects.
  • Pro is perfect if you are getting less than 1m pageviews per month across your Hydrogen channel. If your needs are at the high end of a Pro plan (ex. You’re close to 1 million monthly pageviews, and/or you have a lot of content), it’s worth considering Pack’s Scale plan, and we recommend booking a call or emailing us at
  • Scale is a great fit for brands who want access to advanced features, priority support, and have larger amounts of content and/or traffic (>1 million monthly pageviews).

What is a content entry?

There are a few types of content entries: blogs, articles, pages, and sections.

Sections are blocks of content within Pack that you can reuse anywhere in your store. When you reuse a section on multiple pages, it will still only count as 1 content section. On a typical landing page, you may have 4-12 sections, as well as one content entry for the page itself.

Global site elements, such as headers and footers, are managed within Pack and count as a single section.

Product and collection pages are created automatically, and do not add to your total content entries unless you add a Pack section to them.

What counts as a page view?

Any page that includes a Pack content section and loads for a site visitor will count toward your page views.

Note that global elements such as headers and footers are generally included as content sections within Pack, which means that most / all page views on your site will count toward page view usage.

What happens if I run out of content entries / page views?

You’ll still be able to create and save content in Pack, but you won’t be able to publish content or push updates live until you’ve purchased additional content entries / page views.

If you run out of content entries or page views on the Free plan, you’ll need to upgrade to Pack’s Pro plan to continue to publish content. If you have additional questions, contact us at

What if I don’t use all of the content entries / page views that I’ve purchased?

We don’t prorate content entries or page views, so you’ll be charged for a month of usage once you purchase them.

You can choose to remove any add-on content entries / page views from your plan for subsequent months.

What is a content environment? Do I need more than one?

Content environments allow you to duplicate your storefront’s content so that you can prepare and launch larger sets of content updates.

Many brands will use their primary content environment for their live site, then use additional content environments for development, staging, or to prepare for larger site changes, such as holiday campaigns.

What if I need additional content environments?

You can add additional content environments to your account within the Pro plan, and they'll be added as a new line item on your bill.

What factors impact the cost of Pack's Scale plan?

We factor in your support needs, your planned usage (content entries, pageviews, content environments), and your feature access needs (ex. Advanced features, custom frameworks, other hosting providers, etc.).

What happens if I no longer want to use Pack?

Pack gives you an end-to-end workflow to set up, build, deploy and manage your Hydrogen storefront. You own all of the front-end code / React components.

Removing Pack means removing the established workflow. You can still keep your Hydrogen application, however, you lose the tool that allows you to easily manage the application (which means you would need to build your own or use another tool to manage your frontend).

Is there a free trial of Pack’s Scale plan features?

If you’d like a free trial, please book a call or email us at

Is there a minimum contract duration? Can I pay annually?

Pro plans are month-to-month and annual agreements are available on the Scale plan.

Can I pay by invoice?

Yes, on the Scale plan.

What if I’m not using Shopify?

Today we only support Shopify. Contact us at if you’re interested in using another ecommerce platform as your backend.

What if I’m working with an agency or a freelancer?

No matter what your team structure is—internal developer, agency, or freelancer—Pack can easily support your workflows, and allows you to set account permissions based on role. Reach out to us at if you have any questions about getting an agency or freelancer set up on your account.

Will my Shopify setup change if I use Pack?

You will continue to use your Shopify backend operations as well as checkout. You will replace your online store (“theme”) with your Hydrogen app.

Do I need a headless CMS or page builder if I’m using Pack?

Pack includes a headless CMS and visual editor that’s similar to the theme editing experience that you are used to. You do not need to have an additional headless CMS or page builder to manage your front-end.

Where is everything hosted?

By default, Pack will store your content data and deploy to your Oxygen infrastructure (in your Shopify account). Your content is delivered from Shopify Oxygen and Shopify CDN. Other options are available in our Scale plan.

Why is Pack’s pricing in beta?

We are on a mission to make building Shopify Hydrogen storefronts as accessible as possible. We have seen demand from brands of all sizes to utilize Pack, so we are working on efficiencies to standardize our pricing model, offer bulk rates, and stay on the cutting edge of Hydrogen and Oxygen.

What Shopify Plans does Pack / Hydrogen support?

Pack supports all Shopify plans, and a custom Hydrogen storefront is included with every paid Shopify account.

What apps or tools could Pack help me consolidate?

If you're currently using apps for A/B testing, landing page builders, banners / modals, upsell / cross-sell experiences, Pack has built-in features that can help you consolidate your apps and reduce spend.

What's the ROI of a Pack + Hydrogen storefront?

Generate new revenue: Brands who transition to a Pack + Hydrogen storefront generally see a positive impact on conversion rate, ranging from 5-26% on average.

Factors that influence this conversion rate lift tend to include:

  • How fast your site was before and how fast it is post migration (generally we see 2-3x faster page loads for brands transitioning from a theme)
  • Whether you're doing a site redesign or a 1:1 migration
  • Your implementation method
  • Your pre-existing conversion rate
  • ...and a host of other factors. Other sources of conversion rate lifts can include stealing share from competitors and/or increasing LTV with a stand-out customer experience.

Pack + Hydrogen storefronts also go a long way toward boosting development efficiency and reducing costs incurred through / time spent on managing 3rd party apps.

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