The Pack Customizer is where you will be able to build and edit your pages in your Storefront.

Creating pages

In the Customizer, you can create pages, blogs, and articles and manage the content that makes your store unique. With the Pack Customizer, you can easily create landing pages and sale pages with ease in a visual editor.

Managing Product Content

Managing content for your entire collection of products is difficult. With the Customizer, we make it easy by allowing you to reuse Sections in flexible ways that help you manage the content on your product pages easier. You can create global sections that appear on all product pages or ones that are specific to only a few.


Play around with your content with confidence. Editing in the Customizer means that you are in editing all your content as a draft until published. This way you and your team can stage content for review before you decide to publish the page live for your customers to see.

Managing Media

The Customizer also has a media manager to help you manage assets that you use through out your Storefront.

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